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From the Giftshop at the Museum of Bad Art
cool bad-art greeting cards, courtesy MOBAMOBA is a long-time favorite of mine. They've added a lot of cool merchandise since I last looked, including greeting cards! .

Tuesday, August 31, 1999, 08:42 a.m.


Outing the Amazonians
In the midst of the furor about the purchase circles on Amazon.com, the Seattle Weekly decides to post which of their articles are most often requested by those with Amazon.com addresses! Funny!

Monday, August 30, 1999, 11:02 a.m.


I wanna be in a mas band
Peter Minshall has been creating marvelous spectacles for quite a while, at Carnival on Trinidad, and for the Olympics and so on. I've been in the Fremont Solstice Parade, but I'd love to be in costumes like he creates!

Monday, August 30, 1999, 08:46 a.m.


PLOKTA -- Beginner's Guide to Self-Mutilation
Actually, Alison Scott just gets her ears pierced, which isn't so extreme. Lots of good stuff here at Plokta, the online version of a fine British fannish fanzine. "I think that as you get older, it becomes harder and harder to act on a whim. Oh, it is if anything easier to spend money on a whim. More money, fewer necessities, more feeling of what you need and want, less whimsical somehow."

Sunday, August 29, 1999, 08:18 p.m.


I, Rearrangement Servant
aka "Internet Anagram Server"! That's how I found my alternate name, Radial Wanton. or is that "Dial a Rant Now" ? your friend, Anita Rowland. also home to A.Word.a.Day mailing list, to improve your vocabulary.

Friday, August 27, 1999, 11:13 a.m.


Things that have been sold in Vending Machines
Sure, you know about the honey guide, but did you know about this page? It got started from one of those endless threads in rec.arts.sf.fandom, as is evidenced by the identity of a lot of the contributors.

Wednesday, August 25, 1999, 08:11 p.m.


Open Source as an Ant Farm
My sweetie, Jack Bell, is featured on Slashdot! He had fun writing this, and digging up the links. Let him know what you think!

Tuesday, August 24, 1999, 10:52 a.m.


Men to Avoid, from Dr. Tracy
LoveAdvice.com is a great site for relationship advice! Dr. Tracy updates it with a column every two weeks or so, and the Love Library (I dig that name!) has been very useful to me. I'm featuring this piece about men to avoid (Men Who Just Don't Respond To You, The Total Flake, and more).

Monday, August 23, 1999, 10:52 a.m.


Goobeard's Castle
One of Rob Hudson's fabulous Robservations! "Well, it's been almost a month, and frankly, it's really starting to look bad. It doesn't grow evenly, but instead contains little bits of cursed land where nothing sprouts. I look like Radiation Boy. (One of the spots is actually circular, like a donut, which I proudly call the Mark of Homer.) " Rob has a really wry sense of humor, and there's lots of good reading here. Rob's current journal is The Book of Rob.

Friday, August 20, 1999, 08:10 a.m.


I Love Television!
Actually, I don't watch too much television these days. I listen, though, on a radio with Teevee sound. I do enjoy what Wm. steven Humphrey says about what's playing. "10:00 USA La Femme Nikita The poop hits the fan when the organization catches Nikita and Michael doing the hokey-pokey."

Thursday, August 19, 1999, 06:05 p.m.


Vicki Jean B -- weblogger!
VJ has succumbed to the weblog thing, also. She seems to sometimes list pages she doesn't like, but most of her entries are pages that please her.

Thursday, August 19, 1999, 08:20 a.m.


Hot Pockets from JerkCity
I don't know why this comic strip always appeals to me, but it does!

Thursday, August 19, 1999, 08:17 a.m.


Countering Telemarketers
Do you get called much by telemarketers? I don't, for some reason. I'm online in the evening, when they are more likely to call, or I'm not in the most desirable demographic group, perhaps. Anyway, Stan Protigal tells us about a lot of different things you can do to get back at those interrupting, weasely folks.

Wednesday, August 18, 1999, 09:15 a.m.


Jem -- glitz-rock fashion doll of the 80s!
From the Toy Collecting channel, Andy Hooper brings news of Jem and her buddies. 80s nostalgia will be very big, very soon, I predict!

Tuesday, August 17, 1999, 12:05 p.m.


Comic Covers of Evil
Well, I don't think these are so evil, but apparently Seattle composer Christopher DeLaurenti found something strange in these images. I sense that there's a lot of good stuff yet to be found as I dig deeper into his site.

Tuesday, August 17, 1999, 07:18 a.m.


Seafair Pirates -- a tough job!
Seafair is a summer-long Seattle festival; all the community parades and events are tied in to it. I like the funkiness and low-key fun, but I'm not so crazy about speedboat races and the Blue Angels. But the Seafair Pirates are OK by me!

Monday, August 16, 1999, 08:01 a.m.


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