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Jen Wade on Spam
"My ISP recently began offering a spam-filtering service. I've started getting a lot of spam in the past few months, so I signed up, and ever since, I've been obsessively checking my spam on their website. I have no idea why this is so fascinating to me, since I used to just delete spam without reading it before, but it's oddly satisfying having no spam in my inbox and then seeing all the spam that got filtered out. I suppose it's the same urge which prompts people to look at those Biore strips after pulling them off to see all the crap which used to be in their pores." I laughed out loud at this. Jen's a long-time journaler, a medical researcher living in San Francisco.

Friday, July 14, 2000, 07:58 a.m.


Windyhop.org -- Chicago swing dance site
This is a new site. Lots of info on Chicago happenings, and a lively discussion board. Find out about the Chicago Lindy Exchange, happening this September.

Friday, July 14, 2000, 07:55 a.m.


More Trailer Trash Videos from Gwen
I especially like the one where she's actually dancing with her neighbor: "Gimme Two Steps". But it's all good.

Thursday, July 13, 2000, 08:41 a.m.


HTML-Kit and HTML Tidy
I found when testing my latest journal design that I'd made it invisible in Nav! But the error was corrected easily by running the page through HTML Tidy, used as a plug-in in HTML-KIT. Very handy!

Wednesday, July 12, 2000, 08:48 a.m.


Clear the decks, I mean Desk
good "recipe" for clearing a desk. Not too cutesy. There's a full version of this on the non-free section of this site, but I think the free one will get you going. "First of all eliminate any food items you spot immediately. If the item is boxed and uncontaminated, reach for the organizing box labeled 'return to proper room' from the 'Desktop Organizing Ingredients.' Toss the item in this box for later delivery."

Tuesday, July 11, 2000, 08:23 a.m.


Lance's Linkin' Log
Or, do you prefer the more personal (but still webloggish) Lancelog? There's a new Life Serial up, also. Beaucoup content from Lance these days, it seems.

Friday, July 7, 2000, 02:24 p.m.


Cashman on Fireworks
"One time I went to a stand on a reservation where the fellow behind the counter described the various fireworks in the following manner: 'This one (firecracker) has the potential of blowing off a finger. But if you want to spend a little more, here's one that will blow off your hand at the wrist.' Now that's a salesman!"

Friday, July 7, 2000, 10:15 a.m.


David Levine's Clarion West journal -- week 2
"[Instructor Geoff Ryman] drew a picture that shows the essence of story: a human figure, an arrow, and a larger, lumpier human figure. In other words, a story is a person, moving through time, who becomes different (often growing). He then drew a box around the picture. This is a science fiction story, he said. The SF writer's additional responsibility is to create the world around the person. This is easy to get wrong. The world must be consistent, must reflect and enhance the story in some way, and must have a point. There's no reason to make a story SF if the same story could be told without the SF element."

Thursday, July 6, 2000, 08:50 a.m.


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