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Charcoal Meteorite in Canada
I heard a cool story on Morning Edition about a metorite, unique to science, "like a charcoal briquette." Science magazine has no free access, but New Scientist does, so there! And here's some good photos of the recovery process, on a frozen Canadian lake.

Friday, October 13, 2000, 08:29 a.m.

Intro to Craftsman style
You might think, from all the mid-century modern stuff I've pointed to, that that style is what I'd like for my own house. Actually, I like Craftsman style better -- but it's rather popular! This article gives a good overview. No more Victorian excesses!

Thursday, October 12, 2000, 01:01 p.m.

Dr. Tracy Update
"Too Old for a 20-Year-Old -- Grooms Don't Plan Weddings -- Bi, Gay, Straight?" Dr Tracey is always good to read. "Stop setting yourself up to fail. Many men will say, 'Only someone 20 years younger turns me on or fits my requirements,' and so they doom themselves to be alone."

Wednesday, October 11, 2000, 08:48 a.m.

Pat Cashman: With trail mix you always get a few nuts
Pat Cashman riffs on a plan to turn old railroad right of way into a lakeside trail. "Putting a trail there would allow people like me the opportunity to run, bike and walk near the lake while taking in the magnificent beauty of local nature. And, best of all, it would allow people like me the opportunity to ogle, spy and stare into the windows of the fancy homes along the way."

Tuesday, October 10, 2000, 08:20 a.m.

John D. Berry at creativepro.com
My friend John Berry is writing about typographic and design stuff at creativepro.com, these days. "What's the most important thing in judging how well a typeface is designed? Legibility? Originality? Outrageousness? Refinement? Precision? Playfulness? Sturdiness? Sparkle? Contrast? Optical size?"

Monday, October 9, 2000, 02:56 p.m.

This is a portal-like site on costuming -- could be handy with halloween coming up. Beware, some pages have nasty midi.

Monday, October 9, 2000, 02:08 p.m.

Journalcon Scrapbook
Journalcon actually happened! This was a convention of online journalers meeting in Pittsburgh this past weekend. Of course, it will be well documented! Entries from each participant are linked here, plus many photos.

Monday, October 9, 2000, 07:16 a.m.

Ireland Dispatches
Evocative photos and trip account from photographer Doug Plummer (he's a buddy of Jon Singer's). "Ireland is in boom times. In a delicious irony thatís surely not lost on the Irish, English laborers are crossing the Irish sea to find work. Projections are for an additional 200,000 workers needed in the next 7 years if Ireland is to maintain its growth rate. Thatís 200,000 more than what the Irish population can supply. Ireland is on the brink of profound change."

Friday, October 6, 2000, 12:59 p.m.

Cool Contemp House in Danger
Says Joe Kunkel, "One of my favorite designs is dying a slow, undignified death. No visitation, no funeral, just a slow, miserable, lonely death. But a beacon of hope looms... the possibility of resurrection!" This is indeed an interesting house, with a swooping "hyperbolic paraboloid" roof. This place, in North Carolina, is for sale, and you could buy it and save it.

Friday, October 6, 2000, 06:49 a.m.

Things European Students should know about the US
"...although Americans tend to be louder and more boisterous than people from other cultures (especially at athletic events), many of the people you meet will be quiet and polite."

Wednesday, October 4, 2000, 01:27 p.m.

American's Guide to Canada
"These pages, written by an American who has been living in Canada since 1992, are intended to give Americans a better idea just what goes on in the Great White North. Pay attention: there may be a quiz later (if I ever get around to writing one)."

Wednesday, October 4, 2000, 01:23 p.m.

Hi+Lo Modern
I like these folks! A wonderful selection of midcentury modern stuff, all kinds. The Souvenirs page is one of the best. "Solid crystal spaceman in full regalia with Kastrup sticker and original price tag from Klicks, Palm Desert."

Wednesday, October 4, 2000, 07:43 a.m.

Portland Jack and Jill contest
A Jack and Jill swing dance contest (lindy hop in this case, not west coast swing) is one where you don't compete with a partner. You enter on your own, and dance with multiple partners during the comp. You are judged on how you connect with your partner, leading and following skills, fun and style. It's about the only type of dance contest I like, since I'm not a huge choreography fan. Check out these cool pictures of some Portland dancers.

Tuesday, October 3, 2000, 11:50 a.m.

Historic Hollywood Postcards
What a great collection! and well annotated. A surprising number of old Hollywood buildings are now "taken over by Scientologists" for some reason.

Tuesday, October 3, 2000, 08:03 a.m.

Animated motion of earth continents
Cool! Chris Scotese, who worked on the future earth below, has some animated views of the earth where you can see the continents moving.

Monday, October 2, 2000, 09:55 a.m.

Pangea Ultima: Pangea Ultima: Earth in 250 Million Years?
This is the astronomy picture of the day. I guess the continents have been floating around for most of the earth's history, so it makes sense that they'd all bump up together in future -- it's happened before.

Monday, October 2, 2000, 09:52 a.m.

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