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Internet-based G&S Production
This is the second year that Savoynet, the Gilbert and Sullivan mailing list, has put on a live production at the Gilbert and Sullivan Festival in Buxton, England. They cast via the net, and only meet for a few live rehearsals a day or two before. check it out!

Tuesday, August 15, 2000, 08:46 a.m.


Seidman online insider update
Now this is one I'd totally given up on! He hadn't updated since last February! but now he's back, to talk about MP3s and such. "Unfortunately, just as Yahoo! hasn't truly figured out how to make the gobs and gobs of money it should be making with a user base of 156 million worldwide, I haven't quite figured out how to get my own groove back. So I figured maybe the thing to do was just write something and send it out. I'm probably going to cringe for doing it, but I had to make a comeback somehow."

Monday, August 14, 2000, 03:06 p.m.


Jon Singer update
Jon's coming to Seattle next weekend, plus vikingcon! He's doing more glaze work: "For what reason I know not, I decided to make a black glaze. I guess part of this is the fact that the famous 'Rhodes Black' glaze is very lovely, and has only about three ingredients... one of which is no longer available."

Monday, August 14, 2000, 12:21 p.m.


mailart from Rhonda
Rhonda is a fannish friend. Some cool collages here! " To scrutinize raptly one of your very own granny's incredibly time consuming mail art collages such as the one above called 'mail art' by many 'mail artists' because each was made to be 'mailed' & it is 'art,' with special verry special text added very briefly believe me not at all like the tome you now peruse..."

Friday, August 11, 2000, 08:19 a.m.


Postal Meter
My boss asked our great Java dev if he was in a good mood or bad mood. The dev recalled that he used to have a little sign for his cubicle at his old job. That reminded me of this page from Deuce of Clubs! "Soon I discovered that many people were taking the Postal Meter seriously. Before dealing with me, they would whisper to someone, 'What's it up to today?' Often they decided they could do without my help after all. It can be useful to be thought insane."

Thursday, August 10, 2000, 02:27 p.m.


Satellite Sisters radio show
I sampled this last thursday on KUOW and it was pretty good! The five Dolan sisters live in different places, laugh a lot, do a magazine type of show. I think I'll listen again. "Though we have lots in common, our lives are very different. We live all over the world, have lots of commitments elsewhere and frankly, very few marketable talents. No singing, no dancing, no crafting abilities. We are all excellent swimmers but no one should have to see all five of us together in Speedos. And, really, no one makes a living swimming. The only collective skill we possess is talking."

Thursday, August 10, 2000, 07:37 a.m.


Cashman: ATM = Annoyingly Temporary Money
Says Pat Cashman: "My sources tell me that there are people who are paid to hide out near cash machines everywhere -- from supermarkets to gas stations. Then, when they see you coming, they suddenly emerge and get to the machine just slightly before you do." (D'oh! didn't find out till 12 hours later that I forgot the URL! perils of not checking links. )

Wednesday, August 9, 2000, 08:02 a.m.


New Homes Stimulate the Economy -- funny!
Usually Samuel Crowe gives a rundown on the economic reports due to be released soon. But today he prefaced it with how he personally has stimulated the economy through buying a house. "We buy a new home and find that the old entertainment center doesn't seem to fit anywhere in the living room. So then comes a new entertainment center. It has two pieces, fitting two walls (ensuring that it will not fit in the next house). But, what a beauty! However, the 19-inch television looks out of place in the cavernous 32-inch slot. New television.... um, 'so where is the cable connection on that wall?' "

Tuesday, August 8, 2000, 03:55 p.m.


Henry's Dance Hotlist -- new location
Henry's list is a great resource for dance info of all kinds. He's moved to a new URL. Check it out!

  • General Dance Resources
  • General Partner Dance Resources
  • Ballroom Dance/Dancesport
  • Swing & Nightclub Dance
  • Argentine Tango
  • Salsa Dance
  • Country-Western Partner & Line Dance
  • Miscellaneous Partner Dances
  • Non-Partner Dance Resources
  • Dance Music Resources
  • Supplies, Services, etc.
  • Usenet Newsgroups

Tuesday, August 8, 2000, 08:21 a.m.


Highways of Washington State
I like this! Profiles and some images of various Washington Highways -- interstate, state, local. "When US-10 was commissioned in 1926 along the old Sunset Highway auto trail, it took a northerly route through central and eastern Washington, passing through towns like Leavenworth and Coulee City. By the early 1940s, US-10 had been diverted to the more central routing currently used by I-90, and the northern route was redesignated Alternate US-10."

Monday, August 7, 2000, 09:31 a.m.


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