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Myths about the Election Results
from Red Rock Eater Digest, via Jane Hawkins. Good tasty stuff about what's being said about Florida et al, with back-up footnotes and references. Yum!

Monday, November 13, 2000, 03:44 p.m.


James Heneghen was first in last night's round of the Seattle International Comedy Competition. My sweetie and I were in attendance, at the Elelphant and Castle "pub" in Bellis Fair Mall, in Bellingham, Washington. Heneghen rawked! He had the crowd going from his first word -- FUCK! he cried, after learning that the comedian he was supposed to follow wasn't there and he had to go on right then. The picture in his profile is prettied up a bit, I'd say. But I certainly enjoyed his work! Here's Wally Glenn's take on the evening.

Monday, November 13, 2000, 08:03 a.m.


How about a Puzzle?
I've always liked Winfiles for windows-based shareware and freeware. are you in the mood for a puzzle or game? There's lots here! but I've been addicted to Arachnid for about seven years. I rarely win, but somehow that's not the point.

Friday, November 10, 2000, 02:08 p.m.


The trend is your friend -- sing along!
A weird one, this! A kid's cd all about technical analysis and charting of stocks. I'm not sure if this is serious or not! There are some scary sound samples here: The Trend is your friend (a trader's truism), In a Range (don't miss the sample chart). If you buy this, let me know!

Thursday, November 9, 2000, 09:51 a.m.


Predicta TVs -- in color!
Rather than talk about the election, let's look at some retro-stylee, but modern, TVs. Telstar Predictas are made today, but look like the old ones from the fifties. The picture tube is sitting out on it's own, above the cabinet. Looks like the Jetsons! No prices given on the website, though.

Wednesday, November 8, 2000, 08:28 a.m.


Wally Glenn on Seattle Comedy Competition
Wally is the Iron man, I swear! He's posting nightly commentary on the SICC, Seattle International Comedy Competition, happening almost every night this month. (I think I'll be going to the one in Bellingham, this Sunday night.) I'm not sure I'm in favor of the whole concept (like a swing dance comp, it almost is a contradiction in terms) but I'm sure it will be a fun evening. "The crowd really let it be known when they felt someone deserved an encore point or even applause for that matter. It's a special feeling when you get off the stage to no applause whatsoever. It's the feeling that damn, nobody in the room likes you."

Tuesday, November 7, 2000, 08:02 a.m.


Sporrans for Everyone!
I guess you don't have to wear a kilt to use a sporran -- they could substitute for belt packs, I think. Craigie makes the best, from all sorts of fur, and lots of different designs. The next best thing to killing your own animal and tying it to your belt! (The site is a bit rough, but lots of info here!)

Monday, November 6, 2000, 01:52 p.m.


Jack Lynch's guide to Grammar and Style
A search for info on "biweekly" vs. "semiweekly" led me here (though I didn't find the answer here). Make your writing more graceful: "Grace always trumps pedantry. Don't let rule-mongering make your prose unreadable. See Bugbears, Audience, Clarity, and Rules."

Monday, November 6, 2000, 08:11 a.m.


Macromedia makes Flash designers the scapegoat
I liked this exigesis by Chris MacGregor of how Macromedia encourages bad habits in Flash designers, then blames them for sucky flash sites. "Macromedia has hardly lifted a finger to stop the flood of poor Flash solutions on the web. In fact, they have encouraged it by awarding Site of the Day (SOTD) status to some of the most unusable web sites out there. Macromedia has written the book on poor product use for its developers. If Smith & Wesson were to take a page from Macromedia's book they would award the Columbine killers with gold plated guns for their actions. "

Friday, November 3, 2000, 10:56 a.m.


Seattle Swing on delphi forums
I like the delphi forums and read several of them. Now Seattle has its own for swing discussion. Check it out! it remains to be seen if we'll get enough traffic to make it lively.

Friday, November 3, 2000, 07:28 a.m.


Frank Lloyd Wright house in danger of destruction
from jetset modern: "Frank Lloyd Wright's wonderful Usonian house designed in 1957 for the Gordon family in Oregon currently faces the likelihood of destruction! The current owners bought it in September 2000 and have applied to have it removed from the state's historical register, which is likely the first step towards destroying it. The Clackamas County Board of Commissioners will [must] approve this request, which will allow the owners to destroy the house." Good pix! abd a sad story

Thursday, November 2, 2000, 03:31 p.m.


Pedals for Progress
This organization collects used bikes in the US and ships them to developing nations around the world. "PfP bikes are put to work not only as basic transportation, but are used as a supplement to school and community programs. The bikes are adapted for use as trash haulers, produce trucks, taxis, and farm machinery. Some of the municipalities even sponsor recreational cycling programs, making bikes available to all who care to participate."

Thursday, November 2, 2000, 08:07 a.m.


Benny Goodman Story
All day yesterday and today I've been listening to early Benny Goodman recordings, from the thirties -- the Chronological Classics series. So when I heard that Steve Allen died (he played Goodman in the 1955 biopic), I looked for the soundtrack. More on Goodman: David Mullis's site

Wednesday, November 1, 2000, 10:52 a.m.


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