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Three Kings -- Larry, Stephen, and ??
To my shame, I don't recognize the third person in this Brunching Shuttlecocks "Self-Made Critic" review's banner graphic. "Mark Wahlberg and Ice Cube don't quite have star quality, but they've got the next best thing. Rap Star Quality. You watch them and you expect them to break out into a funky rap."

Thursday, October 14, 1999, 01:31 p.m.


Tugboat Races!
An annual Puget Sound event. "Phil Shively's RELIABLE out of Bainbridge Island, WA took the trophy in the small tugs class. His working boat is a past Harbor Days winner. Here she is shown sporting a huge bone in her teeth, edging out the restored HENRIETTA FOSS (left) and RUSTLER (right)." bone in her teeth?? I like the other pages Carl Cook, the photographer, has posted, too!

Wednesday, October 13, 1999, 07:38 a.m.


Beware the Scotch Broom!
What a pernicious weed! This is why we need to be careful about non-native plants escaping into the wild -- prairies are rare in western Washington. "Some species, including Sand Hill cranes and Western pond turtle, have already become extinct in the Puget prairies. The sharp-tailed snake, with its spike-like tail tip, hasn't been seen in the Puget prairies in 50 years and also might be gone." (an ecologist's web site about the Puget prairies, with some pictures.)

Tuesday, October 12, 1999, 08:46 a.m.


Bring on the blue ox
A great Salon article by my fannish buddy Vicki Rosensweig. "After all, very little in the ordinary curriculum is completely uncontroversial, accepted as truth by everyone who cares, and supported by eyewitness testimony." Via Flutterby

Monday, October 11, 1999, 01:41 p.m.


Costume Salon -- Halloween is coming!
Wow! great costume ideas here, and if you've got the bucks, renting would be fun. "XENA MEETS POWER RANGER AND GOES TO THE DISCO (AKA WARRIOR GODDESS IN RED). " (but having blank pages in their catalog for future expansion made me laugh)

Monday, October 11, 1999, 07:58 a.m.


Loss of Sexual Innocence
My latest epinion is a movie review. Love, sex, betrayal and snake fu! (taking a break from the all-bra, all-the-time theme)

Thursday, October 7, 1999, 02:57 p.m.


Bra-makers Supply
This one is actually useful! (but I think it's a mistake to have a company name with a hyphen, and a URL without. pick one or the other.) "The fatty tissue that forms under the arm is really part of your breast - keep it in a cup!"

Thursday, October 7, 1999, 11:07 a.m.


The Joe Show (story by Terry Bisson)
I dig sf writer Terry Bisson! An electronic entity asks a woman to model her underwear for it. "I unhooked my tangerine Victoria's Secret underwire demi bra, shrugged it off, and stepped out of the matching tangerine high cut bikini, with the cute little accent bows along the side. As you may have guessed, I buy everything by mail. Everything but shoes."

Thursday, October 7, 1999, 07:40 a.m.


Finding a Sports Bra that Fits
From the Seattle Times. "Yet despite the dazzling variety of colors and styles available, most sports bras are still a bust for the typical American woman, who wears a size 36C." Hmmmm. Let's make it an all-bra day on Anita's LOL.

Thursday, October 7, 1999, 07:31 a.m.


Pat Cashman takes on Y2K
Cashman is a funny writer and performer who has just started a column in the local paper. "I'm not Y2K compliant. I'm Y2K complacent. So when all hell breaks out exactly 89 days from now -- I guess I will be Y2K complicit."

Wednesday, October 6, 1999, 07:53 a.m.


The Washington Pissed
A daily news satire thing. I need to start looking at The Washington Pissed more often! "Yet another typically stupid internet company name was eliminated, today, as Earthlink and Mindspring completed their deal to merge and get rid of at least one of their typically stupid internet company names."

Tuesday, October 5, 1999, 10:11 a.m.


Seattle-based Ebay con man!
What a shame, and happening in my home town! Apparently this is a growning trend. "Surfing from a Capitol Hill cyber cafe, using a Web-based e-mail account, a free "laser phone" voice-messaging service and an Eastlake mail drop..." "The 5,280 auction-related complaints filed in the first six months of 1999 exceed the total for all of last year. "

Monday, October 4, 1999, 08:09 a.m.


String Theory Radio
Live365.com is a place where you can netcast your CDs or mp3s, for free (up to 100 users connecting to you at once). I've sampled a few of the stations (chamber music from the Vibemaster, Celtic Melt) but String Theory has special geek appeal -- SF soundtracks! I can't figure out how to link and get you there, but look for it on the "all broadcasts" page.

Friday, October 1, 1999, 02:21 p.m.


Spinning, Levitating Magnets!
I'd like to see a picture of this toy. "The only place to sit in Harrigan's living room is the couch. Every other chair, the table, the desk plus much of the floor is covered with magnets, motors, a radiometer, a spark coil, a van de Graff generator, various Harrigan inventions, ideas and drawings plus other devices under construction."

Friday, October 1, 1999, 09:36 a.m.


Seidman updated!
He's had some gaps earlier this year, but now seems to be back on the track with online service and net commentary. "While I don't agree that MSN should just cede the mainstream consumer to AOL, it appears to be doing just that. Perhaps that isn't so bad if it focuses on becoming the 'power user' provider and the upgrade path for those wanting to jump ship from AOL."

Thursday, September 30, 1999, 09:14 a.m.


Some new epinions
I've written some new epinions in the past few days:

  • Clerks
  • Metropolis
  • Un Coeur en Hiver
  • Buffalo 66
  • Voyage to the Beginning of the World
  • Microsoft Image Composer
Do you agree with my ratings?

Wednesday, September 29, 1999, 02:41 p.m.


Dark, Rainy, Sluggy
The truth about living and working in Seattle, by John Hedtke. Good info, and it fits with my experiences. "In Seattle, however, this question ["Is it raining?"] can oft be the start of a five-minute discussion on the size, shape, color, texture, frequency, temperature, and density of the precipitation... at the end of which time, the weather will have changed to something else. There are at least 131 words to describe each type of rainfall--there used to be a popular postcard sold here in town that listed them. Be warned."

Wednesday, September 29, 1999, 07:55 a.m.


Lucid Dreaming
In honor of a lucid dream I had the other morning (and it was a great feeling to just turn the wheel of my car and go floating off into the sky..). "Now shipping: SuperNova Computer Interface for NovaDreamer. Check out the manual and software available free online."

Tuesday, September 28, 1999, 02:21 p.m.


Good Pigdog burningman pics
I always enjoy reading Pigdog! They put a lot of work in to their Burning Man expedition this year, and Wendy did a good photo diary of it all. "The van was set up so that Mr. Spock could look out the window at vehicles the van passed on the highway."

Tuesday, September 28, 1999, 02:09 p.m.


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